Friday, January 13, 2017

A Day in the Life - Five on Friday

It has been cold here in the foothills 
of W. Washington State, with snow
and gloomy skies, but this morning
the sun shone bright into my kitchen
 as I made my morning coffee. 

The first thing I do every morning is 
sip that wonderful, hot cup of coffee
(Starbuck's Breakfast Blend)
as I try to wake up. 

I've been slowly transitioning 
the decorations from Christmas to 
Valentine's Day, here in my little kitchen. 

My beautiful table runner is actually
an Irish Linen tea towel; 
a Christmas gift from my dear SIL, Donna. 
Thank you, Sis! <3

I made the Paper Roses a couple of years
ago out of coffee filters and watercolors. 

I am loving polka-dots right now :)

My daughter, Heather gave me the 
adorable 'Pioneer Woman' polka-dot 
mixing bowl for Christmas :) 


I love red gingham and polka-dots
My mornings are definitely more cheerful 
with these happy little things! 

The second thing I do is venture outside 
to feed the birds. 
I won't be sitting here to finish my coffee today! 

I love how everything looks like it is 

My Glacier Pansies keep on blooming 
despite the cold. 

These winter pansies will survive the 
freezing temperatures and go on to put 
on a show this spring. 

I plant them every fall :)

The native Sword ferns are just as hardy. 

I fill the hummingbird feeders first. 

We see evidence of foot-traffic near the 
bird feeder. 

I believe the last one is a gray squirrel. 
The snow crunches underfoot. 

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch....
Can you see Whitey Bear?

The little chickadees are waiting........

Snow-dusted moss on trees. 

Tree fungi sport blue-tinged snow-caps. 

Let's hurry back inside......
It's cold out here! 

Today, the third thing I am going to do is finish
my crocheted pillow! 

I started this pillow way back in June. 
You can see my dear little Ling Ling
in her usual spot, along with Maggie
on the pillow. 

We never know what is around the corner,
Dear Friends, so make the best of 
every day :)

I have joined together all the squares
 (9 front and back)
and crocheted a ruffled shell edging on
3 sides. I then made a pillow insert
to fit. I used two napkins! They were
the perfect color and size! 

I then inserted the pillow and sealed it in 
with single crochet, then added the 
remaining shell edging. 
You can see the curtain on my storage rack
and the flowered ironing board cover 
in my sewing room :)

Voila' ! 

Its new home is my slip-covered chair 
in the bedroom. 

This is my favorite shade of blue :)

I made the tiny bag for my wedding, 
so long ago in my little yellow bedroom :)

And now, here I am a Mother of 4, 
and a Grandmother of 2, 
all these years later. 

I dreamed of this while making my 
little bag. 

That took all afternoon, and now the fourth 
thing I do is to make dinner! 


Something to warm the insides 
on a bitterly cold evening. 

We had just finished dinner 
and cleaned up the dishes 
when this happened........

We had a power outage! 

 The fifth thing I did was get
out the emergency candles.....

We stoked the fire 
and Ramblin' Man lit the fire 
in the bedroom. 

I stepped out onto the deck to 
see the full moon over Mt. Rainier. 

If you look up to the right, you 
can also see the Big Dipper! 

I could hear coyotes singing
from the distant hills 
in the cold, still night. 

And as we sat by the candlelight 
in front of the fire, 
we spoke of how truly blessed we 
are for our warm and cozy home, 
our wonderful family and friends, 
and the beauty that surrounds us
each and every day. 


Thank you for joining me, Dear Friends! 
I hope your day is filled with blessings, too. 

( P.S. Our power was restored by midnight :)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finding Sunshine

Hello, sweet friends! 

These short winter days can 
find us dreaming of warm sunshine. 

Those of you living in the south 
are envied right now! 

The rest of us have to make do......

So come along with me and we
will search for some little 
rays of sunshine! 

Ramblin' Man knew I needed some 
sunshine in my life, 
so he brought home these 
gorgeous yellow roses. 

I can't tell you how much
they brightened my day! 


The color yellow can do 
amazing things to lift your spirit! 

It just makes you smile :) 

And who doesn't love butter? 

My favorite yellow food :) 

A little touch of yellow here and there
can make you so happy! 

What could be better than 
chocolates in a yellow tin? 

A dark hallway can be 
transformed by the color yellow. 

Adding some humor brightens 
things up a little more:)

This little hallway connects
my kitchen with a powder room, 
laundry room, and the bedroom beyond. 

It is well traveled.....

I change the signs often. 

Vintage black and white photos 
of our little town 
at different points in history,
stand out on the bright yellow background. 


When I was 14 years old I finally 
got my own bedroom. 
I was the eldest daughter of 5 girls, 
and always had to share a room. 

Finally, the baby of the family was
moved out of the tiny nursery 
and it became my own. 

I was so thrilled to choose my 
own colors and decorate this room myself. 

Of course I chose yellow! 
I sewed yellow and white striped curtains, 
and painted my second-hand vanity 
tangerine with a hand-sewn yellow and orange
 wildflower print skirt . 

My bed-linens had larger flowers in the same colors
and all the room accessories were
 in shades of yellow and tangerine. 

I wallpapered the inside of my little closet 
in a black and white flowered print 
and covered hatboxes and storage boxes in 
a black and white print of tiny flowers. 

I even hand-lettered some artwork for my walls
in black ink. 

I remember one of them......

It said, 
"When you wake up,
get up, 
and when you get up, 
do something!"

I was so happy in my bright yellow bedroom! 
It was my refuge from the demands of 
school, little sisters, and the rest of the world. 

I loved to read, sew, sketch and I even taught myself 
how to crochet from instructions in my Mother's 
Woman's Day magazine when I spent time in 
my sunny yellow room :)

It had two windows overlooking 
a New England mill-pond.
In the summertime 
the nights were filled with a chorus 
of frogs and crickets, lulling me to sleep. 


Yellow houses bring a bit of sunshine 
to a winter landscape, too. 

This one is a favorite of mine. 
We pass it every time we venture out, 
 on the corner of our mountain road. 

A young couple bought it a few years ago
and have completely renovated
 this 100+ years old farmhouse. 

I love watching the changes every time we drive by. 

And who doesn't feel happy looking at 
this beautiful yellow barnyard? 

This yellow sign makes me happy, too! 

A cross-walk by a school.

This sign reminds everyone to 
slow down and take care. 

Even the double yellow lines in the
middle of the road
bring a little sunshine to a winter drive. 

Winter pansies blooming on my deck 
are like lovely drops of sunshine
to brighten a gloomy day. 

But it is my sweet little grands in their 
sunshine colors that bring the biggest 
smile to my face! 


I hope I brought a little sunshine 
to your winter day,  my friends! 
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